Regulations on Holiday Rental Properties in the Autonomous Community of Murcia


What tourism requirements must "holiday rental properties" meet before being rented for the first time?

  1. These properties must be separate units, such as apartments, bungalows, villas, chalets and similar.
  2. Using two or more residences located in the same or different buildings or sites under the same operating business for tourist accommodation is prohibited (these properties are classified as tourist apartments in the comprehensive modality if they meet the requirements of this classification).

From a tourism perspective, what additional requirements must a "holiday rental property" meet while being used as a rental?

In addition to the general requirements, which must be satisfied at all times throughout the duration of the tourism activity, the following aspects must also be taken into account:

  1. Prices must be displayed in places that are perfectly visible and invoicing prices greater than those published is prohibited. Prices must include the following services and supplies:
    1. Permanent hot and cold water.
    2. Gas and/or electric power.
    3. Cleaning at the beginning of the stay.
    4. Change of linen once a week.
    5. Television.
    6. Garbage collection, where appropriate, the availability of containers as per the applicable municipal ordinances.
  2. Correctly issue and complete invoices or receipts.
  3. The accommodation will have the duration as agreed between the operator and the user, although in any case the following must be taken into account:
    1. Unless otherwise negotiated, the user's right to occupy the holiday accommodation begins at 5:00 p.m. on the first day of the booked period and ends at 12:00 a.m. on the departure date.
    2. Holiday accommodation must be available to users as of the date and time specified for their occupancy, in conditions of conservation, operation and cleanliness that allow the immediate use of the property.
    3. To occupy the accommodation it is a prerequisite to register the users previously with the corresponding book of registration by means of the exhibition of their documents accrediting the identity, in which the name and surname of all the travellers, the date of their entry and exit will be stated.
  4. Provide services in accordance with the services that have been booked.
  5. Inform travellers accurately and in advance of the use of services that are offered in the establishment, the conditions on rendering of the same and the price thereof, as well as, of all the circumstances that affect said travellers in the provision of said services.
  6. Marketing, booking and advertising holiday accommodations as well as including same in a catalogue before reporting their use for tourism is prohibited.
  7. Holiday accommodations must be advertised separately and differently from tourist apartments, in the event that the latter are also included in the offer.
  8. They must be offered on a rental basis for vacation or tourist reasons, usually (when accommodation is provided on two or more occasions in the same year for a period of time that as a whole exceeds one month), professional and in exchange for a price.
  9. An identification plate must be placed at the entrance of each holiday accommodation, in accordance with the description in Art. 2.3 of Order of 20 July 2006 of the Department of Commerce, Consumption and Tourism, which establishes the characteristics of the Tourist Apartments and Holiday Accommodation, Rural Accommodation, Hotel Establishments and Catering Establishments in the Region of Murcia, which is available here.
  10. To have at the disposal of the users and to facilitate them immediately when the obligatory documentation is required to formulate claims, which can be downloaded here and here, visibly advertising the existence thereof in Spanish, French, English and another language of the establishment's choosing.
  11. Contract and constantly maintain current an insurance policy to secure the normal development of the activity guaranteeing the operator's potential liability risks.
  12. Maintain the accommodation facilities in conditions that guarantee the proper functioning thereof and that services function properly.
  13. Provide users with a contact telephone number of the responsible person.
  14. Operators must transfer, by themselves or through their booking offices or associations, information on the occupancy of their holiday accommodations to the relevant Tourism Department for statistical purposes, with the frequency required and using the form provided by it.


For tourism purposes, what procedure must I follow in order to rent out my "holiday rental property"?

  1. Submit the model declaration form for holiday accommodation, which you can complete here with assistance or manually using this from.
  2. Documentation to be provided with the model:
    1. Template with the list of holiday accommodations, which can be downloaded here, if choosing to fill in the form manually. This document must be sent to the following e-mail addresses: or and, subsequently, a physical copy of the same is to be submitted along with the statement of compliance.
    2. Any other document supporting the request for classification as holiday accommodation.
  3. Submit the form via the following:
    1. Corporate offices of Citizen Attention Services that serve as registries of the Region of Murcia, any administrative body belonging to the Central State Administration, to any administration of the Autonomous Communities or to any of the entities that form part of the local administration if, in the last case, the relevant agreement has been signed.
    2. Post offices, preferably addressed to the Register of the Department of the Presidency and the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, Calle San Cristóbal, 6, 30001, Murcia.
    3. Spanish diplomatic agencies or consular offices abroad.
  4. Further information can be found here.


What tourism regulations govern the rental of my property?


Act 12/2013 of 20 December on Tourism in the Region of Murcia, specifically Articles 21, 22, 25 and 40 thereof.


Decree 75/2005 of 24 June which regulates tourism apartments and holiday accommodations, and specifically Articles 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 thereof.


Order of 20 July 2006 of the Department of Commerce, Consumption and Tourism, which establishes the characteristics for Tourist Apartments and Holiday Accommodation, Rural Accommodation, Hotel Establishments and Catering Establishments in the Region of Murcia, specifically Article 2.3 thereof.


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