Regulations on Holiday Rental Properties in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja


What tourism requirements must "holiday rental properties" meet before being rented for the first time?

Holiday rental properties must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be furnished and equipped in conditions of immediate use, marketed or promoted for profit in tourist offering channels, which are subject to a temporary leasing of use in their entirety and are not part of an apartment establishment.
  2. The following situations shall not be classified "holiday rental properties":
  • The temporary rental of a property where the ceding party normally resides and is registered as a resident.
  • Properties used as rentals during less than 3 months per year in minimal periods of 1 week.
  1. Renting rooms is not allowed.
  2. A house cannot be used for tourist use when it is prohibited by the statutes of the owners' association, or it does not comply with the municipal regulations applicable to the activity.
  3. The activity must be subject to the applicable sectoral regulations, in particular as regards the safety of installations and services, health and the environment.

From a tourism perspective, what additional requirements must a "holiday rental property" meet while being used as a rental?

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  1. The activity must be regulated by a free pricing scheme, where prices can be set and changed throughout the year without any obligation other than to make them public in order to guarantee their prior knowledge by customers.
  2. Prices that are higher than those publicly displayed cannot be charged. In the event there is a price inconsistency in the advertising, the lower price applies.
  1. Clients must be notified of the price they will be charged prior to their admission, by delivering a document that includes the name of the establishment, its identification number, the price thereof and the arrival and departure dates. The aforementioned document, signed by the client, shall serve as proof for administrative purposes and a copy thereof shall be kept at the establishment available for inspection for one year.
  1. The services included in the price of the accommodation and the prices of optional services for the client must appear in advertising.
  1. The delivery of accommodation, furniture, facilities and furnishings will be carried out in a proper state of cleanliness.
  1. The price of the accommodation must be counted by days or business days, pursuant to the number of overnight stays. Unless otherwise negotiated, the business day shall end at 12 p.m. The client who does not leave the accommodation at this time will be understood to extend their stay one more day.
  1. Reservations must be confirmed or denied by using any system that allows their constancy and accreditation and must have the content envisaged in Art. 16 of Decree 10/2017, of 17 March.
  1. Clients are obligated to pay the price of the invoiced services at the agreed time and place. In the absence of an agreement it will be understood that clients must pay at the property when presented with the invoice for the collection thereof.
  1. The owner is obligated to provide the users with a contact telephone number and address to contact the owner.
  1. The company is obligated as follows:
  • Provide helpful, precise and accurate information to tourists regarding the prices and characteristics of the facilities and services.
  • Do not modify the booked conditions without prior agreement with the client.
  • Provide tourists with as many documents as to verify the terms of the booking and the legally issued invoices.
  • Facilitate the ability to file complains, adopting the measures necessary so that there are complaint forms at the property in Spanish, French and English at all times. Complaint forms shall be adapted to the forms available at the web page


For tourism purposes, what procedure must I follow in order to rent out my "holiday rental property"?

  1. Notify the competent body of the start of the activity, pursuant to the forms in Annex I, of Decree 10/2017, of 17 March, which shall be available at the Electronic Office on the web page of the Government of La Rioja,; at the Offices of Citizen Attention Services; and at the offices of the competent body.
  2. Should the relevant Administration confirm the inaccuracy, falsehood or crucial omission of any data, statement or document adjoined to a communication, or the failure to submit the same, the affected activity or the right shall no longer be able to be exercised as of the point at which such situation is acknowledged, without prejudice to any criminal, civil or administrative liability.
  3. The notice of the start of activity will allow to exercise the activity for an indefinite period of time from the day the notice is submitted.


What tourism regulations govern the rental of my property?

  1. Act 2/2001, of 31 May, on Tourism in La Rioja
  2. Decree 10/2017, of 17 March, which approves the General Regulations on Tourism in La Rioja, issued to implement Act 2/2001, of 31 May, on Tourism in La Rioja - the effective date of which is 22 May 2017.


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